After careful consideration, Eon Gaming is happy to announce our partnership with Trace Gaming (TG). This announcement is to celebrate our new partnership and to give some general information.

As we strive to be one of the best communities with the best members, we expect nothing less from those around us. Trace Gaming is a great community that believes in the same core beliefs that makes you love this community. They have events, tournaments, steamers, giveaways, LFG support, Patreon perks & incentives , medals and much more! Trace Gaming exists to connect other gamers.

What does this mean for Eon Gaming members?

We will not be merging our communities in any way; this partnership is similar to a business partnership, with that being said the rules against multiclanning still exist and we ask all members not to join their discord server until certain things have been worked out. This partnership opens both communities to more publicity, gives us the ability to host more events and will overall better both Trace and Eon’s communities. This partnership does mean all Eon members are expected to be respectful towards Trace Gaming members, just as you would with your friends here at Eon. We will also encourage members to check out and support their socials, just as you do ours, their social info will be available to members soon.

Do understand, some information is still being worked out, however, if you do have questions, comments or concerns regarding this announcement, reach out to a Staff member and they will get back to you as soon as they are available.



Eon Gaming is looking to start a GFX/VFX team! Do you love graphic design? Do you create montages? Do you know someone skilled in the art? Test your skills here and make sure you bring all your friends with you to the team. 


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All work gets promoted in out Discord server

All work gets promote on our website

Potential compensation for all work created