Eon Gaming Competitive Updates

For all of you intrigued by or involved in the Eon Gaming competitive scene, we’ve made some BIG changes to how competitive is working!

Eon is introducing competitive seasons! This new method allows all our teams (current and future) to get equal playing time, gives all a chance to try out for a starting team throughout the year, and gives our competitive department time to organize events and work out necessary improvements to make competitive teams as fun as possible!

What does this mean for Eon Gaming members?

Each of our competitive teams will receive a minimal of 3 months a year to play competitively and will receive plenty of time to try out for their desired team.

Tryouts are now hosted by team captains. Team heads are no longer a part of the Eon competitive scene, this means that all tryouts are being streamed by our candidates for our team captains to review, so make your tryout count!

Do understand, some information is still being worked out, however, if you do have questions, comments or concerns regarding this announcement, reach out to a Staff member and they will get back to you as soon as they are available.

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