Congratulations to Eon Gaming's member's spotlight

Member spotlight is a verbally recognized "Thank you" directly from Eon Gaming to all the members that have gone above and beyond the expectation of this community. It is for those who have shown devotion, loyalty and commitment to Eon Gaming, have shown the desire they have to see this community succeed and grow and is for those who carry out the message of positivity and motto of this community.  

A big "Thank You" goes out to Sean aka Astral of Eon Gaming for his dedication and hard work to the community. His loyalty and devotion in making this community a better place for all our members is something we hope to instill into all of our members, staff or not.

Shout out to TheFluffiestPuppy of Eon Gaming for his dedication to keeping chat active, his willingness to always help the community and stepping up to the plate when asked of him and making our new recruits feel welcomed in the community 


A big tip of the hat to XThruYouTube, WolfieOnTwltCh, PotatoHead and Sunshine for stepping up to the plate when needed and helping out the community even when it wasn't required. May all our members use them as an example when trying to decide how they can help the community.