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Eon Gaming is excited to announce our first tournament with our newest partners Trace Gaming!  

When: Friday, December 11th

Time: 3PM CST

Where: Eon Gaming v. Trace Gaming

 Prize: TBD

Whether good or not, pro or noob, EVERYONE is invited to this awesome event, so grab a partner, practice your butt off and get in the game! Not yet a member but Apex Legends is something that interests you? Make sure you click the "Join Now" button above, fill out an application or you can click the Discord link inside the Join Now tab and that will bring you directly to our recruitment Discord server! Hope to see you there!


                                                                                          11/29/20 TO 12/6/20

                                                                                        Fortnite Competition

Eon Gaming will be hosting a tournament! Want to get into the action but not yet a member? Be sure to click the "Join Now" tab at the top of this page.  


1. The person who gets the most KILLS, wins

In the event of a tie:

-Kills  are worth 10 points

-Assists are worth 5 points

-Revives/Respawns are worth 5


2. Participants will have 1 (ONE) week to schedule a date and time (with a Eon staff member) to host their gaming submission and will have 5 (FIVE) attempts to get the overall best score combined OR MUST stream their game LIVE for a staff member to see


3. Participants MUST have a staff member present with them in game to judge their score

4. "Poor internet", Lag, "Something came up" will not be an acceptable excuse to be given a retry on this competition.

5. This competition can be played as  a solo player or on a team. In the case that it is played as a team with another member, BOTH members will be utilizing their 5 games and will be judged based on them.